Maybe we can help make a connection before Thanksgiving!  That would certainly be something to give THANKS for.

Bridget at Margaritas in Augusta
Bridget - I go visit on Thursdays just to see you,,, I love your tattoos... I want to see more
you up for that? I sit at the end of the bar...

Blond at NE Sport & Spine in Manchester
I was waiting when you came in.. mid morning're a stunning blonde... Tall, blonde hair to the middle of your back. You wore cow girl boots, faded blue jeans, and a black and green jacket. You sat near the door... I was off to the right. I tried to catch your name.. couldn't really hear, sounded like Tasha, Tanya, Tonya.. not sure really. I'm not sure if you even noticed me, but I'd like to chat with you if you see this. If so, send me a message! :)

Kennebec Tavern
SPURS!! You know how to use them? I think I'm liking them. Contact me, please! Let me know it's you.

Talked over blueberries at Shaws in Wiscassett
We chatted over blueberries early am. I said thank you for doing all the hard work,. Wouldn't resort to here,. But you must have been in n out. Looked everywhere 4 u.

Blonde with black jacket at Hannaford in Waterville
You: Blonde, black jacket. Me: Red and black jacket. Tongue tied when I saw you. Wanted to say something witty and charming, but could only smile. If you see this ... would you like to try again? To confirm, please describe our shopping mates.


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