It's baaaaaack!  Oh, how I've missed doing these.  Honestly, I didn't even try to sneak a peak at them, online, while I was away.  So, here we go.  Let's see what was missed....

Maid at Quality Inn in Augusta
To the maid at quality inn in Augusta you are gorgeous and have a beautiful smile. How you been and would love to chat with you.

Thera-Flu at the Dollar Store in Augusta
On the off chance you read these, we chatted at the dollar store in Augusta about the store and about their brand of thera-flu, which you said worked great. I should have checked then if you were single and to talk more. Anyway, I was just in front of you in line and would like to get to know you. You have dark hair and beautiful lips, I found you quite attractive. If you would like to talk more, let me know, and what you were wearing to eliminate fakes. Thanks David

Guess You Found Your Human Teddy Bear...I think someone is having a hard time gettin over someone
I suppose that's all you were ever really looking for anyway. I wish I could turn off the part of my brain that insists on bringing you up every day. It's only torture at this point. I hope someday I can forget you and that awful place and all the bullshit that came with it.

Pinkish/Purplish hair at Walmart Burger King in Auburn
Hey i see you all the time i think your cute with your glasses and pinkish purple hair i would really love to chat and get to know you and maybe we will have a lot in common maybe we will click and be made for each other if you are this person please message me would love to get started talking to you hope to hear from you soon doll

WARNING To Blonde Skinny Bank Teller in Augusta (Don't walk alone in the parking lot)
I didnt put the location because I think this is the only bank in this town. Anyway, you are blonde, skinny, amazing blue eyes. I pull up to the drive though window weekly or more. You are married but so am I...You are sexy as hell and want to get you alone :)

Waterville Hannaford - Woman with black pants, red shirt and tattoo when she bent over
We kept running into each other everywhere in the store. You had on tight black dress pants and a red shirt. I saw you bend over and a tattoo on your back was showing. This is probably a long shot but I hope to hear from you. Im younger but who's cares? I would like to get to know you. Elm plaza hannaford 11-7

Guy with 2 women at Target in Augusta
I had just hopped out of my truck and was walking toward the store, when I noticed you checking me out. I turned back and we exchanged a glance but you were with two women so I couldn't stop and say hi.

"Don't Call Me Late For Dinner" Handsome Man At JFK Hannaford In Waterville
A couple of days ago you bought a few items and said you didn't know what to call me because you couldn't see my name tag which was covered by my sweater, then you said "just don't call me late for dinner". I was not in my best form due to a cold that day, but I was trying to think of something clever to say without sounding corny but I failed to do so. I really wanted to say: You can call me anytime! If you are interested in seeing me at a better moment (dressed up nice and not sniffling) I will be happy to have you call on me and perhaps have a better conversation.

Jury Duty
You live in Richmond. I didn't even get your name. - Juror #59

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