From 'freaks' walking around parking lots...stalkers knowing where you work, what you drive and your name...to dirty carhartts and a wonderfully filthy blue shirt...sounds like we've got some potential love connections or restraining orders.

Lewiston Mall Dunkin Donuts
You were standing inside and wanted a smores ice coffee. Your really really attractive. And you got a nice little shake going on when you walk ;)

KFC on Broadway in Bangor
You had to get your bag out of your trunk and were ahead of me. You looked back and waved with a smile at least 5 times. Tell me the color of my car to prove it's you.

Gas station next to the Family Dollar in Bangor
You are the most beautiful dark skinned woman I think I've ever seen you was talking about a date you had at mc donalds with somebody you are worth way more then mc donalds sweetheart I saw you looking at me while the other cashier took care of me if you read this and want to go on a real date let me know tell me something about me so I know it's you

Maid at Quality Inn by Hannaford in Augusta
To the maid at quality inn in Augusta you are gorgeous and have a beautiful smile. How you been and would love to chat with you. You drive a Subaru and name starts with S. I've seen you around and you look like you need to have a good chat and a night out.

All Pro Soccer in Waterville in 10/19
Sunday 10/19 there you were as I walked into the lobby,I just couldn't help notice how absolutely gorgeous you are, we made eye contact briefly,iwas talking about live streaming a game,this is a long shot and I really hope you see this,if you do and you do remember what game was i talking about? Thanks

Woman in her car at Shaw's in Augusta
I wanted to say hi to the lady who got out of her car to ask me about the freak wandering the parking lot asking for money. No ma'am he didn't have a good vibe, not the worst I've experienced but not the best either lol. The freak aside I want to tell you that I got a nice vibe from you, quite nice actually.

Guy buying beer at the Big Apple in Bath
you went in ahead of me, but glanced over as you did. stood behind you in line, couldn't help noticing how tall and strong you are, and those big broad shoulders! you were wearing dirty carhartt jeans, wonderfully filthy blue shirt, baseball cap, and had a black bracelet on one wrist. looks like you work hard :) found you wildly attractive. you didn't seem like the kind of guy who checks this thing, but if you do, let me know what I was wearing. (it was probably the reason for you looking at me)

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