Well, these are just great.  (note my sarcasm).  However, there are some pretty genuine ones.  But...ya gotta take this for what it is...guys bein dirty birdies.

Classy Act (at least on top) in Augusta
If this name means something to you please respond. This was from a few years back.


No bra, teal top at Waterville Walmart
7pm sat. 10/7 Tight teal top no bra nice rack . Thank you for the show . I checked you out a couple of time . Thank you very much . Hope to see you again


Bread lady at Shaws in Bath
Bread lady!!!! Get ahold of me. You seem fun! I still have chocolate syrup leftover!!!

Shy girl got locked out at work in Augusta
If your beauty hadn't sucked the words of our my mouth... I would have said something quick witted like... "I saved ya!" [with my badage]. But, instead you got a glance, a soft smile, and a head-nod....(doh).
The sexual energy, mutual intrigue, and energy is palatable between us... yet frustratingly we only silently pass in the hallways.. not having a clue about the other. I always think you must be a bean-counter in the broadest sense, whereas I suspect you think I am upper management in IT.
I am in my 30s and consistently well dressed...
I am old enough to know that what I am sensing is mutual, unique, and special; something we'd both regret following-up on, even if its only passively like this...
We should chat and eventually sneak out early some afternoon for drinks and a TBD adventure.
Say hi...


Why do I even bother in Oakland.
I love you adore you always and forever. I would take a million bullets for you but why would you say we were destined to be together to only deny what you said and pretend you never utter those words. Whatever power you think you have is wearing off. Thank God 4 years is too long to want someone who doesn't consider the consequences of playing with someone's heart. It's been so hard walking away with no response or explanation...

She's Looking For Her Beer King from Beerfest in Gardiner
You were sitting at the tables in front of the band..you were wearing a blue jacket with a white stripe and a green ball cap...I couldn't stop looking at you...wow....just one of the those instant attractions...I could rip your clothes off in less than a minute lol....you are so hot...I'm still thinking about how sexy you are and all the things I could do to you.

Tall guy with husky on Rail Trail in Augusta
I see you in the early mornings almost everyday on the rail trail with your adorable husky. You are tall, wear a bruins hat, usually in shorts, scruffy...I smile as you walk by as you try to walk your dog but I always look back to see if your looking at me. You are very handsome and you are always doting after your dog like a good man. I have seen you around the Hallowell/Augusta area usually before sun even is up which is when I like to walk as well. You always smile to me but I wish you would say something more. Your eyes say so much, I want to hold you in my arms and feel you next to me. If you see this, which I doubt, or if anyone knows who this guy is msg me. He is probably mid 40's, grey black and white husky with a pink harness.

Short baldish guy in a gray tank at Walgreens in Augusta
I know this is a long shot but nothing to lose. Saw you at Walgreens this morning. You had a gray tank top on shorts bald-ish facial hair and ink on your arms. I have blonde hair and had a gray tank top on. If its you and you're single and interested please reply. Put the color skirt I was wearing in the subject line and tell me where we crossed paths in the store. I really wanted to approach you but I couldn't think of anything to say!! Hoping you see this!! If you have qwikmeet or kik send me the name you go by.


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