Could there be love in the squash aisle?  How about while buying a sweet treat at Fielders Choice?  Or perhaps a nice sweet plumber's crack (wait?  what?) at the gas station?  I can't make this stuff up. 

Denny's In Auburn
I was in Denny's with my daughter and a friend (I'm single) You came in with two people yourself and sat in the booth in front of where I was seated. We made eye contact and smiled several times, even on my way out. I'd be interested in the two of us getting together. Hopefully you get this, I know it's a longshot. I saw that you had your handbag on the floor by your feet.... what color was it?

JFK Hannaford...lookin at squash
You first said something to me as I was looking at some squash. We saw each other a few times more as we shopped. I wanted to say something more but I missed my opportunity. I hope you see this and remember me. It would be nice to meet.

Girl wearing plaid in red car at Fielders Choice in Manchester
To the girl in the red car with the plaid shirt on I watched you check me out while going from the parking lot and I was looking too. Hope you see this. Maybe next time we get get an ice cream together.

Mattress shopping, black dress wearing lady in Auburn
You were in my store, shopping for a new mattress for a family member. This was over the summer, I want to say July. You were wearing a long flowing black dress with nothing on underneath, showing me peeks while you got on the beds and laughing and flirting the whole time. There was chemistry and I really wish you'd come in again, or maybe in the long shot you see this we can hangout and grab a drink. Email me with the name of your store in the subject line so I can weed you out from the rest!

Beautiful woman buying tortillas at the Cony Street Hannaford
You were there with 2 kids (Your daughters?) this morning (Oct 9). You are short with brownish / reddish hair and glasses. You were getting tortillas in the mexican aisle. Not sure if you are single, but I love to get to know you better.

295 - 95
You were in a white pick-up truck and I really wish I had taken the exit that you had. Thank you for the exchanged smiles, creating an exciting commute, and making my day.

Where u been boi? (way to keep it classy)
Saw u at Citgo, I was in the energy drink section. U were showin me that plumbers crack while paying for gas, I'd let u pay with dat ass. Put 'bye feliciaaaa' in the subject line so I know it's u

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