Hospital romance?  Tattooed hottie at Dennys.  And, did you know Pizza Hut has a drive-thru?  I must live under a rock. 

Blonde at Pizza Hut Drive-Thru in Lewiston...wait just a darn second...Pizza Hut has a drive-thru??
You handed me my pizza and wings and I was astounded by your beauty. I had to give you a decent tip just based on that.
Just wanted you to know someone out there appreciates that beautiful face.

Love connection, perhaps, at CMMC
I'm posting this with hope and anticipation, as well as some fear that you'll see this. lol
I see you at work on a fairly regular basis, and we exchange pleasantries from time to time. You're attractive, but perhaps the kind of woman who doesn't see herself that way. Not a super model, but people may see some of that in you.
You're awesome at your job, and always professional. I doubt you'd risk breaking the rules, even if you were interested, but I feel I have to try.
Maybe you can't tell, but my eyes linger on you too long, and it brightens my day when I see you.
This is intentionally vague, especially if you're not the one. If you are, maybe not so vague you won't figure it out.
Say hi here if you're curious, and give me a clue to who you are when you respond. I obviously need to be discreet, and sure it's you.

Blue Subaru at West Bath Redemption
I was in front of you at the redemption center today is West Bath. You drive a blue Subaru, dark hair, gorgeous. I saw you drive by North St. In Bath shortly after. Single? Remember me? What did i say to you at the redemption?

Recent visit to the eye doctor left this guy with butterflies
I was just blown away by you this morning. I know this is a huge long shot but if you ever do see gave me butterflies. Been many years since a woman has made me feel that way. Your beautiful, gracefully and intelligent. I wanted to ask you your name so badly but I didn't think it was appropriate behavior. You told me it was very nice meeting me and I noticed you didn't say that to any other patient. You were wearing blue fingernail polish. If you do see this you'll know exactly who I am. I would love to talk sometime......

Female Mailman in Lisbon's mail 'carrier'...
If you were the female mailman I said hi to this morning I would really like to take you out to dinner.
If you know this person and they're single please let me know who she is. Thanks

Asking about bands at the Wharf in Hallowell
saw you at the wharf last night you came over and sat next to me and asked me about other bands in town just before you left ...i gave you a compliment ..if you see this by some miracle you will know what it was . i didn't ask your name so hopefully you will respond .

Tattooed Waiter At Denny's In Augusta
You have been my waiter at denny's for at least the last 3 years. You have tattoos on your forearms... and you look alot like Justin Long. I was there today and pretty sure you winked at me!!! I would love to chat with you and get to know you!! If you are him, or know how to get a hold of him, please reach out to me!!! Title the email the tattoo yippy have on your left forearm! Hope you see this soon!!!


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