A day late...(love a holiday) but worth the wait.  Sometimes, this missed connections thing is just too easy.  I can't make this stuff up and the public just writes the juicy stuff for me.  Let's just get to it...

Thick blond pumping gas in Augusta:
You were getting gas on state st. We made eye contact several times. God you are smoking hot! You have a terrific face along as your body. Curves in the all the right areas! Beautiful long har the wind kept blowing. You had a white SUV. If you see this let me know what I had for vehicle. If you ever want to meet reply.

Melanie in Richmond...you lil married cougar you
Hello my little cougar..You never text back,you give me such hopes,but then you never reply..I would say enough of the bull,time for you to text me and set up a date..I was just talking with your hubby,I wonder if he knows?Hmu

Kind soul at Frosty's in Gardiner:
If you see this, I just wanted to let you know that you have a kind soul and are quite beautiful. You were working last Sunday morning when I came in for a coffee. We had a short chat and you said I looked familiar.

Greatest smile on 95:
We passed eachother a few times and waved. You must have greatest smile in maine. Long shot here. Tell me something so i know is you.

An apology for Rosa in Farmington:
As I saw you today I new how sorry I was. I'm looking at loosing my life. I understand why your doing what your doing. I'm sorry so sorry. I just want you to know I never ment to Hurt you. Your the best mom in the world. I miss you two so much. I hope you understand why I did what I did. And I hope you forgive me. I know where my heart is and who it belongs to. I'm always here for you two always

Cashier at Peaslee's in Jefferson:
I wish i could tell you how i really felt about those colourful yoga pants you had on today. Goddamn, you looked amazing. Sexy as hell. Cant shake it..


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