Authorities have arrested three men in connection with an incident that sparked a 55.2 mile long pursuit through Northern Maine.

According to a press release from Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss, at about 11 on Thursday morning, multiple law enforcement agencies were alerted that a vehicle had nearly struck a Maine Game Warden in the Lincoln area.  The warden had been dealing with a moose complaint in the town of Lincoln when he witnessed a vehicle fleeing the scene of a suspected trespass and theft at the Lincoln Pulp and Tissue Mill.

The suspect vehicle was spotted by a Maine State Trooper on Route 2 in Winn.  It seems that the vehicle refused to pull over for the trooper and a high speed pursuit ensued.

Tire deflation matts were used, slowing the vehicle down.  A trooper then used the PIT technique to end the chase.  The PITT is a tactical ramming maneuver, similar to a bump & run in racing, which causes a vehicle to stop.  The chase came to an end in the town of Haynesville.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The two passengers in the vehicle were quickly apprehended, but the driver ran.

The passengers, 29-year-old Zachary Hitchcock, of Windham, and 34-year-old Shane Godfrin, of Orient, were charged with various crimes including Theft and Criminal Trespassing.

Despite running, the driver, 32-year-old Michael Godfrin, of Orient, was also quickly chased down.  He has been charged with various crimes including Eluding, Passing a Roadblock and Driving to Endanger, Operating After Suspension and Criminal Speeding.  He was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear.

In total, the chase lasted about 90 minutes and covered over 55 miles!

*NOTE - All suspects are considered innocent until being found guilty in a court of law*

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