Can't I live a dull, boring, no fun life?

Well nope, actually I can't because that would be no fun, super dull and boring and no one wants that either lol.

Although I had some days like this last week more specifically Friday was enough for me to beg and plead with the big man upstairs. There is nothing more tired or run down right now than 99% of America. I'm not alone in this and neither are you! SO I certainly didn't need anything extra on my plate.

After what seemed like a week that would never end I decided to leave work Friday and head home for a little cat nap before the rest of the family would be joining me for a weekend of festivities. That nap was short-lived when my phone rang and it was my son's school.

Thinking it was a covid robocall, I answered with a very meh tone. What do you expect? I was startled awake. As I'm sure you guessed It wasn't a robocall, nope on the other end of the phone was the school nurse letting me know there had been an "incident" and that she believed Logan should be taken into the hospital to be seen.

What? What happened that he would need to be evaluated?

Well, you see boys with be boys and kids will ultimately be kids. What do I mean by this?

Apparently, a group of kids my son's age was throwing snow down the slide and school and it didn't go as they expected. Not only did my little Logi get injured on the school slide, so did 3 other children.

attachment-Logan Ultrasound

After receiving the call, I rushed Logan straight to the hospital where they performed an ultrasound and X-rays to check his liver, appendix, lungs, and rib cage. Everything looked okay for the most part. No lacerated liver, no leaking appendix, no collapsed lung but sadly the poor kid did cause a hairline fracture to a rib.

It's been a weekend of rest and relaxation as we get this boy on the mend!

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