The long, cold winter in Maine didn't seem to hurt the tick population. Tick season is now under way in Maine, and the early count indicates that the tick population will be similar to last year.

Lyme disease, that is transmitted by deer ticks, was the highest ever recorded in 2013 by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. With 1,349 cases in the state.

Here are the best ways to prevent Lyme Disease:

  • Wear long clothing
  • Use tick repellent
  • Check yourself for ticks after being in the woods

Ticks cannot transmit Lyme disease without being attached to the host for at least 36 hours, that's according to the American Lyme Disease Foundation.

If you have had a tick attached to you, you can send in the dead tick to the tick lab at the University of Maine Extension Tick ID Lab at 491 College Avenue in Orono 04473. Or call 207-581-3880.

I've got to add Brad Paisley's 'Ticks' video!