Army medic Luis Ocampo left his home in Charlotte, N.C to help with hurricane relief on the Carolina coast. Ocampo spent days in New Bern, a riverfront city ravaged by the storm. When Ocampo returned home, he found his house completely ransacked. The thieves trashed the house and stole electronics, jewelry, and cherished family possessions.

Ocampo's girlfriend made a post on Facebook about the situation which inspired their friend to make a Gofundme for them. $15,000 have been donated to the couple hoping they could rebuild their life, but Ocampo said he felt weird about it. He said he didn't want to take advantage of people's generosity so he asked the friend to stop accepting donations.

Ocampo took a large amount of the money to the Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund. They are also giving money to other servicemen affected by the hurricane, including a soldier who began living in a hotel after a tree fell on his house during the storm.

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