After a mother black bear was killed last week when hit by a car, officials were unsure what to do. But Maine wildlife officials were able to arrange an unusual adoption. Police called Game Warden Alan Dudley to report that the orphaned cub was in the area and they could hear it calling, so he headed over and was able to locate the terrified cub bringing it home for the night.

According to he got in contact with known Maine biologists Amanda DeMusz and Randy Cross who are experts on bears in Maine; and they were able to locate possible surrogate mothers for the cub. The journey was not easy to get to the mama bear, driving a truck, snowmobile, and trekking on snow shoes, they were able to reach the moms den. At that point they approached very slowly and placed the cub at the mouth of the den. From then on, the cub walked in and leaned up against he mother bear.

They say, that once they emerge from the den, the mama bear will take care of the cub as if it were her own.

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