I'm sure many of us have encountered at least one of these reasons at work.  And through my years, I've learned that you're going to see  most of these with any job.  You might think that if you find 'something better' then the grass will be greener on the other side.  However, when you start a new job and the newness wears off...you quickly notice similar issues in this workplace.  Let's go over the list....

According to Forbes, these are reasons people hate their jobs:

  • Micro-managers.  When you are constantly being watched over, with you are more than capable of doing your tasks.  This is the #1 reason people leave their job.
  • Employees don't see any progress.  When a company can’t get its act together, or when any change or new idea a worker tries to implement has to go through endless layers of red tape, employees lose any motivation or passion that they might have had.
  • Employees aren't confident with company leadership.  Their immediate supervisor is a tyrant, unqualified for their job, or both.
  • When coworkers who do a minimal or mediocre performance don't have a consequence, however, those who work the hardest (and suffer burnout) are the first to get written up.
  • Poor communication
  • Unpleasant coworkers
  • Tired of being lied to
  • Underpaid and overworked
  • You don't have the right tools, equipment or information to meet the requirements of your job.

It would be easy for me to say 'Well, at least you have a job'...but that won't stop from making each day feel like a Monday.  My only tidbit of advice is to leave the work drama at work.  Don't bring the toxicity home with you.


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