Train, Cam and Travie McCoy have shared an adorable music video for their catchy collaboration, "Call Me Sir." Readers can press play to watch the clip, which features the artists -- and the childhood versions of themselves.

Matching the carefree and breezy feeling of the song itself, the "Call Me Sir" video features bright colors, gorgeous views ... and those cute mini versions of Cam, Train's Pat Monahan and McCoy. The clip puts all its attention on the meaning of the song: finding someone you love who makes you feel like a star.

"The "Call Me Sir" video was a blast to make," says Train's Pat Monahan in the video's description on YouTube. "It’s about a little girl helping a little boy feel like maybe he’ll be okay in this life.

"Being around Cam and Travie is always great, and the kids that played the younger versions of us were super cute and great at their parts," he adds. "Might have been the easiest, funnest video shoot in the past 20 years."

Over a poppy melody, the lyrics of "Call Me Sir" tell the story of a love that comes with social advantages -- and charm. "I ain't goin' nowhere unless he's there with me / 'Cause I don't stand in line no more / Admission's always free," Cam sings during her solo verse. "He could break the law, he could break your heart in two / But I promise that you won't care / When he smiles at you."

"Call Me Sir" was released in May.

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