UPDATE (August 20th, 2021 @ 7 AM)

According to WMTW, the track of the storm skewed farther West overnight.  That means Maine will see a much greater impact from the storm than was previously expected.

If the track remains consistent, it will be a tropical storm over Massachusetts before making a slow turn into Maine.  It will hug the coast where it becomes a post-tropical storm early Tuesday.

There is a chance that Henri could make landfall on Sunday.  If it does, it will be the first major storm to do so since Hurricane Bob did three decades ago.

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As we continue to deal with the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred (what kind of a name for a storm is that?), it looks like we have more nasty weather on the way.

Yes, we could end up getting hit with another tropical storm, or even a hurricane, late this weekend or early next week.

According to Weather.com, meteorologists are keeping a close watch on Tropical Storm Henri.

The storm, which is currently in the about 800 miles off the coast of Nantucket (Massachusetts), is expected to strengthen into a hurricane over the weekend.

If it continues on its current path, we can expect it to impact Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine on Sunday evening through much of Monday.

The New England coast could see damaging winds, heavy rain, and high waves.  Meteorologists are saying that the storm's wind field will grow as it travels north.  Basically, that means that the strong winds will be felt farther from the eye of the storm.  Those heavy rains and high waves could lead to flooding in some low lying areas, so be prepared.

Keep in mind that this is a developing situation and that it could change over the next few days.  There is a chance that, as it nears land, its strength could be dramatically reduced.


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