This weekend my husband and I rescued two kittens that had been abandoned.  Being the cat lovers that we are, we couldn't turn them away.  These poor kitties were clearly malnourished and infested with fleas.  They are about 6 weeks old. 

Since they are too young for standard flea medication, being the Pinterest Queen that I am, I searched for natural remedies to safely kill fleas. The first thing I found instructed me to use apple cider vinegar and Dawn dish soap.  To my amazement, I had both of these things at home.  I covered them with the apple cider vinegar, rinsed, then washed them with the Dawn dish soap.  We spent a couple of hours washing, soaking, plucking and picking at each kitty.  I was surprised to see the fleas drop dead and fall off of the kittens with this simple treatment.  We will continue to do this twice a day for as long as we need to.  Something as simple as a couple household ingredients safely kills and eradicates such a pest is amazing.   After one wash, they already seemed to find relief and are happy to be in their new home.  We are even happier that we were there for them when they needed someone.

With that said, being the Disney-loving family we are, I want to introduce: Elsa and Cleo

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