As far as McDonalds go they all pretty much look the same right? And every few years they decide to do an update they they all follow suit and get revamped. But what if I told you one of the McDonalds restaurants here in Maine is quite unique, and down right unusual and now it has caused a stir on Twitter.

If you've never been to the McDonald's in Freeport, it's really no surprise. Many people don't even know it's there or they think it is sometime of "McDonald's Offices" or something. Did you know that even the drive-thru ordering is just a one way conversation, you making the order, they don't talk back to you in order to comply with some noise ordinance.

The tweet inspired additional tweets with unique McDonald's out there. No like really out there...there is one that looks like a U.F.O spaceship.

Have you ever been to any weird looking McDonald's or other fast food joint that doesn't follow the traditional layout?

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