I don't know about you but several times a year I like to just unplug and reset my head. Where that takes place does vary but over this past long weekend for me, that meant a trip up to the cabin on Moosehead Lake.

getting to camp

Just getting there is an experience in and of itself. After a 3 hour trek to Greenville, with a stop in Dexter for the 4th of July parade, what timing! A nice dusty 3 mile ride in from the main road.


With anticipation at it's peak...finally arrival!

parked at camp

With the smell of amazing fresh air, and the prospect of grilling soon to be devoured....welcome to camp!

camp welcome

I must remind myself I'm here to relax, unplug, and just enjoy. If I don't remind myself, I tend to notice things that need to be done.

camp back deck

I always have such grand visions, yet seems all the subcontractors are way behind this year. The docks not even in yet and July is upon us. And look at the path back up to camp, that needs some tending!

camp from water

but you know what, I'm here to relax, R & R, don't sweat the small stuff, just enjoy. Put the hammock up, and just indulge in the sweet summer breeze and the beautiful sight in front of me.


It is indeed a magical place, we are truly blessed with so many wonderful natural resources in our great state!

moose camp

Not to mention this guy who just wanted to say "so long" on the way out. I'm feeling recharged, I'm feeling ready to get back to the grind. I'm feeling not like a three hour drive! lol

That was my 4th of July holiday, how was yours?

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