Verso Corporation announced this morning (Wednesday, July 19) it plans to permanently shut down paper machine #3 at its mill in Jay. The machine has been idle for most of the year. "The No. 3 paper machine and a recovery boiler and digester that support it were idled in January of this year in response to declining customer demand that resulted in more coated paper capacity than could be filled,” the company said in a press release.

This action will eliminate 120 jobs from the mill. "While permanently closing this capacity is the right strategic decision for Verso as a whole, we are mindful of the effects this action will have on the people at the Androscoggin Mill who are directly affected, and we are committed to treating them with fairness, dignity and respect during this difficult time," said Verso Chief Executive Officer B. Christopher DiSantis in the release. "On behalf of the entire Verso team, I want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to them for their dedicated service and many contributions to the mill and to our company."

This comes after idling the machine eliminated 190 jobs in January. In addition, 300 jobs were lost when the #2 machine was shut down in 2015.

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