Vinyl records used to be ‘the’ way to listen to music but CD’s took over and vinyl records took a back seat to modern technology. In 2015, vinyl is making a comeback with sales up more than 50 per cent.

Vinyl records started to fade in sales when cassettes came along but they too saw sales fall to CD’s. But recently, cassettes have started to make a comeback along with vinyl. There are two reasons for the comeback of vinyl and cassettes, ‘nostalgia’ and ‘economics’

Even in this day and age of a 16 gig iPhone that can hold more than 7,000 songs, vinyl and cassettes are making a slow, steady comeback. In its heyday cassettes where shipped at 400 million annually. That changed to nearly zero with the rise of CD’s, mp3’s, and other digital forms of music.

Today cassettes and vinyl are slowly coming back with annual sales in the 50,000 range.