Over the last few years, we have been hearing a lot about the parking lot at the Auburn Walmart.  Most of the news, until recently, centered around the poll that people kept crashing into.

Now, the parking lot is getting attention for a completely different reason.

A video that has, so far, been viewed over 50,000 times shows a one year old child that had been left all alone in a car in the box store's parking lot.  The child, which appeared to be strapped into a car seat, was in the back of a small red car.  The window had been left cracked, but there was not an adult in sight.

The news department for WGME, sat down with the couple who took the video.  Sarah and Don Stevens told the news team that, as they were putting their purchases in the vehicle, they kept hearing a baby cry.  That's when they spotted the baby strapped into the car.

The couple decided to wait for the child's guardian to come back to the car.  Reportedly, about 15 minutes later, the child's mother returned.

The Stevens said they expected the parent to come back frantic, having accidentally left the child behind.  Instead, they say she was completely calm when she returned.

WGME tracked down the mom and attempted to speak with her.  She refused, but it does appear she made a post on Facebook explaining that she is a single mother who does all she can for her child.  She also explained that she only ran into Walmart for a minute to pick up an online order.

It is important to note that there is no law against leaving a child alone in the state of Maine.  However, there are laws against child endangerment.  Clearly, regardless of the legality, you should never leave a child alone.

Local police have yet to comment on the incident.

What is your take?  Do you agree with the mother?  Or, are you as appalled as the Stevens?

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