For many Mainers, camping is a way of life.  The campers I know love how it lets them get away from it all, though most still bring all the comforts of home with them.  It's also a social thing.  Campers love the idea of hanging out with their friends and meeting new people.

While many people choose to camp because of the peaceful, quiet solitude the activity offers, others are looking for the social aspect of being surrounded by other campers.  If the latter describes you, you need to check out Bayley’s Camping Resort.

Located in Scarborough, just a few minutes drive from Old Orchard Beach, Bayley’s Camping Resort is the size of a small town!

According to Only In Your State, they offer several types of accommodations including tent sites, trailer sites, and trailer rentals.  They even rent family-sized cabins that have screened-in porches, a full kitchen, heat, AC, cable TV, and a fire pit.  Based on a post on their Facebook page, it looks as though they have added a few new cabins over the winter of 2020 / 2021.

The resort offers two restaurants, stores, three playgrounds, a miniature golf course, four heated pools, and six hot tubs.  One of the pools is an 18+ area that features nightly entertainment.  The place has so much going on that you’d never need to leave.

However, if you did want to go on an adventure, the place is a five minute drive from Old Orchard Beach and twenty minutes from Portland.  Plus, as it is only a half mile from Pine Point Beach, they run beach shuttles throughout the day.

Take A Peek At Bayley's Camping Resort

Located in Scarborough, the massive camping resort is more like a small town. It had pools, playgrounds, a store, restaurants, and more. Get more details on their Facebook page. These photos come from a Youtube video of the resort.

Located on Pine Point Road in Scarborough, it is less than an hour and a half from most of Central Maine.  Get more details by calling 207.883.6043 or visiting Bayley's Resort online.

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