Even though self-checkouts have been commonplace in many New England stores for more than a decade, they seem to have really taken over in the last few years.

A lack of available employees and a steep increase in minimum wage, has caused many companies to look for cashier alternatives.  For many retailers, self-checkouts seemed to be the best solution.

Now, it looks like at least one major retailer may be backpedaling on that decision.

According to an ABC News report, Walmart is considering getting rid of self-checkouts.  Not surprisingly, the discussion centers around a loss of revenue.

The management team at Walmart has found that they have been losing money because self-checkouts made it easier to steal smaller items.  Basically, people just neglect to scan an item before tossing it into a bag.

Additionally, they are losing revenue because honest customers, who are often in a rush, are accidentally failing to scan items.

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In addition to the revenue concerns, customers are often not happy with the self-checkout experience.  According to a 2022 CNN report, a survey of 1,000 shoppers found that 67% had a technical issue while using a self-checkout lane.

It may surprise some people that self-checkouts have been around for decades.  CNN reports that the first self-checkouts were introduced in 1986.  Clearly, they are a lot more advanced now than they were back then.  Today's self-checkouts accept cash and debit/credit cards.  Most of them will also dispense cash.  Not just as change, either.  Just like at a manned register, you can ask for extra cash back.

Walmart is not the only major retailer, either.  Costco and Five Below are also rethinking the use of self-checkouts.

At this point, none of the retailers that commonly use self-checkouts have announced they will definitely remove them from stores.

What is your opinion of self-checkouts?  Do you like them?  Have you ever had an issue with one?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app.

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