According to we are reheating our food wrong.

There’s always one question when it comes to leftovers: How do I reheat it? Heat a steak too long and you get shoe leather. Under-cook a pizza and you get lukewarm mush. Do anything except the perfect procedure on fish and it is absolutely inedible.

Most people reheat pizza in the microwave but the best way is in the oven or toasteroven. Another way in on the stove top. Put the pan on low to medium heat for two minutes, turn to low and put a couple of drops of water in and cover for a minute or two.
To reheat chicken, wrap it in foil with a little opening for steam and put it in the oven at 350 degrees. Cook until chicken is at 165 degrees internally (time for cooking will vary depending on the size of the chicken). Before cooking let the chicken get to room temperature.

Here's how to reheat fast food. Start by separating the meat, buns and condiments. Put oven at 400 and place burger on foil on a baking sheet and cook 5 minutes for each side. Throw the buns in the oven for a shorter time and then reassemble the burger.

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