According to WMTW, we could see a significant amount of snow from this weekend's storm.

It likes like today is going to be the calm before the storm.  Partly cloudy with mild temperatures across the majority of the state.  But, it is not going to stay that way.

Tomorrow will start off with heavy rain throughout Saturday morning and midday.  Along with the heavy rain will be high winds.

By early afternoon, that rain will start to transition to snow.  Initially, the switch will happen in the mountains.  Following that, the change will happen in Central Maine.  Finally, the coast will begin to see that rain flip to snow (or, a mix, at least).   At the height of the storm, some areas could see 2" of snow falling per hour.

Additionally, the winds combined with the snow could lead to power outages.

The snow will continue throughout the overnight, but it will roll out of our area by midday on Sunday.

In total, the mountains of Western Maine could see up to 15" of snow, the i-95 corridor (Lewiston, Augusta, Bangor) could see as much as 10" of snow, and the mid-coast could see as much as 6".

Currently, the National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Watch in effect from 7 AM tomorrow (December 5th) until 1 PM on Sunday (December 6th)

Please take a few minutes to make sure you are prepared for the storm.  Make sure your car is ready for winter driving, check your generator, charge your phone, etc.  Please be safe and watch out for each other.


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