Good chances, but it doesn't mean I don't want to be CRAZY & PREPARED.

Buzz and I talk about some of the craziest things when the microphone is off. Yesterday was no different. This time we happened to be talking about fallout plans and zombie apocalypses, and too much of my co-worker's surprise, I do have one.

Everyone should have some plan or spot to meet family members when it's a big tree in your front yard because the house is on fire or a business that is sure to provide you with what you need to stay safe.

If you're local to the area, good chance you know of the spot that I'll be choosing to hunker down with my family... Here's a hint, they sell Guns, Wedding Gowns, and Cold Beer!

Check out the video below to hear my whole plan of action. LOL

Do you have a fallout plan? I'd love to listen to it and know that I'm not with only one who struggles with serious anxiety if things arent put in place... just in case. Haha.

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