Ever wonder about the mysterious fate of if you forget to grab your cash back at self-check out? I get flustered at self-check out because I want to go quick enough for others who are waiting and I always get nervous that I am going to forget my cash after it spits out.

So what if that did happen?

Does it get snatched up by the next shopper? Do they turn it in? Or does the cash stage a daring escape and fall to the ground?

Well, here's a quirky story from South Portland that might shed some light on it. A friend of mine had a similar experience.

She was in a rush, zooming through the self-checkout, and forgot to grab her cash after the machine spat it out.

Later, she realized her money was missing and suspected someone had swiped it. However, to her surprise, she called her local Hannaford, and they explained that if you don't retrieve your cash within 20 seconds, the machine swallows it back for your protection.

She checked her account, and the money was there, safely. So, next time you're curious about unclaimed cash, rest assured, some of these self-checkout machines have got your back! Pretty cool, huh?

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