Winter Storm Stella is probably going to dump somewhere between 12 and 18 inches on Central Maine over the next couple days.  you know the stores are going to be mobbed later on today.  So, what are people buying?  Milk?  Bread?  Allen's Coffee Brandy?

According to How Stuff Works, people will probably be buying milk, bread, meats, and vegetables like crazy.  In reality, though, these make poor emergency survival food choices because of how quickly they expire.  The shelf life of all of those items is only a couple of weeks (at most).

Instead, they say you should be buying canned foods.  Stuff like, soup, vegetables, tuna, spam (okay, maybe not Spam).  All of these have long shelf lives.

Also, they suggest buy batteries and tons of bottled water!

Personally, I would make sure you don't forget the beer and coffee brandy, too.

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