Earlier today (October 16th), on my way home from church, I crossed the Kennebec River in Augusta using the Memorial Bridge.  The "big bridge", as my daughters call it, provides people in all but the smallest (lowest) vehicles great views up and down the river.  Looking north you can see the Calumet Bridge and, at the right angle, Mill Park.  Looking south you can see beyond the Kennebec Arsenal.

Halfway across, I happened to glance left (south) and noticed something in the middle of the river.  Normally, during the warmer months, there are a fair number of small boats and other watercraft cruising up and down the river.  However, by middle of October, the boaters have all called it a season.

Wanting to be safe because I was driving, I couldn't really spend a lot of time focusing on the item, so I turned around and crossed the bridge again.  Yep, there was definitely something in the river.  That's when I parked and walked out onto the bridge.

Here's one of the pictures that I took

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

So, what is it?

At first, I thought I was looking at a half-submerged logging truck.  Looking closer at the pictures, I knew it couldn't be that.

Even though I have never heard of them dredging the Kennebec River this far north (at least not in the 2020s), I thought maybe it was part of some kind of dredging operation.  So, I did what any normal person would do in 2022, I did some Googling.  Nope!  That's not it.

Thanks to some friends inside the City of Augusta, we have the answer.  Apparently, it is a piece of construction equipment working on a new sewer line going under the river.

So, if you happen to see this object in the middle of the river, that's what's going on.

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