Interesting story on about the average cost of things 30 years ago as compared to today.

There are 25 in all and here are a few:

-The average cost of bacon 30 years ago was $1.90 a pound, today it's $5.25 a pound.

-In 1988 a movie ticket was $4.11 and today national average is $9.27.

-Gas has gone up about 200 per cent since 1988. In '88 gas was 0.96 cents a gallon and today the average is $2.87.

-A typical gallon of milk 30 years ago was $2.19, today around $2.89 (where are they buying milk?)

-In 1988 the price of a house was $110,00, fast forward 30 years and the median home sale price is $323,100.

-Here's one that has mot only gone down but the product itself has improved immensely. Personal computers in 1988 (Tandy 1000TL) cost around $1,400, today for around $400 you can a computer that is much, much better.

-Big screen T.V.'s are much better today than they were in 1988 and they cost less. In '88 that cost a a 35" television was around $3,000, now you can get a much better television with a much better picture for around $700.

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