You may have a favorite already, however, you may not. Here’s a few of the more popular trees

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for your holiday decorating.

The Fraser Fir may be the most perfect Christmas tree with 1” needles and soft to the touch. This tree grows almost perfect and needle retention is excellent.

The Noble Fir is a deep green color and is often used to make fresh wreaths. This tree also has good spacing between its branches which makes hanging ornaments easy.

The Grand Fir is a glossy green tree with longer needles that are soft to the touch. The branches are thick so it can support heavier ornaments. They can grow to 300 feet.

The Balsam Fir is a popular tree for the holidays. It has an attractive shape and holds its needles well but may not hold heavier ornaments.

The Douglas Fir makes a great Christmas tree with soft shiny green needles. This tree is hard to decorate though because there is little space between the branches. This is one tree that should be cut fresh and kept watered.

The Norway Fir is a nice looking tree but it doesn’t hold its needles well. If you choose this tree purchase it about a week before Christmas and keep it watered.

The Scotch Pine is the one tree you will want to wear gloves for because the needles are sharp as pin. This is a good tree though because it is known for excellent needle retention and resists drying. Even when dry it does not drop its needles as much as other trees.

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