Saturday morning visitors to the breakwater in Rockland, Maine got kind of a surprise...  Someone had moved a large, wooden, picnic table to the halfway point of the mile long stone structure.

According to the Pen Bay Pilot, the picnic table appeared Saturday morning and no one has any idea how it got there!

The table is a classic, wooden type of table.  So, it is made of wooden timbers and would not have been easy to move across the rough surface of the breakwater.

For those who are unfamiliar with the most well known feature of Rockland Harbor, the breakwater stretches a mile into the harbor and is made from large, rough hewn, stone blocks.  There are significant gaps between the blocks, making it rather difficult to traverse the breakwater.  These gaps would make it a REAL challenge to carry something like a picnic table to the halfway point.

You can see a picture of the picnic table sitting on the breakwater by clicking HERE.

According to the newspaper, Renee Heal, a regular walker of the breakwater said:

In the 50 years I’ve been walking the Breakwater, this is a first!  Would love to know how it got out there (and how it will be removed).


So, how did it get out there?  And, how will it be removed?  Some have speculated a helicopter may need to be used to remove it.

Any thoughts?  Also, do you know of anyone missing a picnic table?  Send us a message through our app or message us on Facebook.

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