While summer may be (shhhhh) on the decline, the end of July usually brings the arrival of Shipyard's Pumpkinhead. With it, Instagram gold, displaying the novelty of consuming a beer made for autumn. Yeah yeah yeah, we get it. It's 85 degrees and you're on a beach with something designed for fair season...cool.

Not in 2017. What gives?

Between pumpkin spice everything, and the backlash from people bellowing "TOOO SOOOON," Shipyard decided to dial back the release to a more traditional date of September 1st. The "seasonal creep" factor was a driving force for the move. Last year, Shipyard founder Fred Forsley told the Portland Phoenix “Over the past few years craft brewers — Shipyard included — have steadily pushed up the release dates of seasonal beers to the point that these beers are now out of season." "This push has stripped these beers of their context and fun and angered our customers. So we’re going to put our seasonal beers back in season and try to end this foolishness.”

Get this. There is now the chance you could pick up your first batch of Shipyard after walking past a Christmas display. While taken September 2nd last ear, this display was most likely up in August.

Forget pumpkin everything, let's plow headlong into Christmas, shall we?

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