Now you would have to be living under a rock to not know who Gordon Ramsay is but not everyone knows that he was in Maine not too long ago filming his new show "Uncharted" which airs on the National Geographic channel.

While in Maine he highlighted a small business in Whitefield, right in the village of Coopers Mills called Swallowtail Farm & Creamery.

According to a story by the Bangor Daily News, the owner Lauren Pignatello has been operating the farm and creamery with her husband and children for the past 12 years producing artisan yogurts and cheeses, and also herbs.

You may remember the Swallowtail farm stand was destroyed by an act of vandalism this past winter but thanks to the amazing support of the community has been rebuilt.

Pignatello who says she had no idea who Gordon Ramsey even was having not watched any of his shows but was flattered that he and the shows crew reached out to her to learn the inner workings of a small creamery and feature Gordon making butter.

The production staff for the show emphasized that Lauren should prepare herself for a large spike in business as the show airs nationally. Pignatello is still a little miffed by all the attention but certainly welcomes the exposure.

A grand opening party is planned for the end of the month, keep an eye on Swallowtail Farm and Creameries Facebook page for all the details.

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