When my friend, Amber, showed me Candy Crush on her phone I thought it looked so fun!

Until I tried to play it!

Those stupid Jellies!!!! Why won't they go away?

I have been playing for a week and a half on and off and last night I got to Level 30. It took me about 25 tries to get past Level 29. There is a mutual friend on Level 346! Maybe they have been playing longer (much longer) or they need a life. Please, go outside and get some sun instead of attaching yourself to your phone.

I will admit I play it when I'm bored. If I'm waiting in line or on hold, sure! Open up my phone and it's something fun to do.

But I'm not OBSESSED like some are.  People are now asking me for extra lives. Seriously? They can't wait a half hour to try again?

With its pretty colors, bright candy pieces and happy music it is perfectly manufactured to be addicting.

Do you play Candy Crush? Are you obsessed with it?