Recently, Ranker put out a list of 15 towns and cities to "stay away from".  Unlike many of their lists, this one was not localized to just one part of the country, or to just the United States.  This list featured cities and towns from all over the world.  And, sadly, one of our Central Maine cities made the list.

Give the amount of hate this place frequently gets, it is not a HUGE surprise to see it on the list.  That being said, many of us at the radio station DO NOT agree with its inclusion.

The City of Lewiston, Maine came in at #10 on the list.

It appears the list was decided by comments from Redditors.  Of Lewiston, they had to say:

It's not the people, it's the town. There is just something about the place that stains your soul. Even driving through the place and not stopping makes you want to shower afterwards, but soap and water don't make you feel clean because it isn't dirt or pollution that is sticking to you, it's the Darkness that is Lewiston.

We really don't know why the city gets so much hate. Is it a gritty, recovering, mill town?  Yes!  But, in recent years, the city has seen a major revival.  Those old mill buildings are being repurposed as restaurants, breweries, apartments, small factories and more.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And, the city is filled with culture.  That culture is due, in large part, to the tens of thousands of mill workers who moved to the city from all over the world.  They brought their customs, foods, and more to the city.  More recently, thousands of Somalians have taken up residence in the city.

The city just keeps getting better and better.  The city even has these really cool art installations, like this hammer!  You can learn more about opportunities in the city from the Lewiston Auburn Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Other towns and cities on the list include Centralia, Pennsylvania.  We tend to agree with this one because, well, it's ON FIRE!  Yes, for decades, there has been a coal fire burning below the streets of the town.

Also on the list were Jaywick in the UK, Troyes, France, Nitro, West Virginia, and Paisley, Ontario.

What is your opinion?  What should replace Lewiston on the list?

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