What's that? A bird? A plane? It's a Super Stallion!

Did the thunderous roar of these military aircrafts reach your ears before your eyes caught the sight of them? Many of us experienced the eye catching beauty of these huge machines flying overhead recently.

Whichever way you experienced the view, I'm certain you couldn't contain your excitement.

What am I referring to? The military fly-by where the ground was shaking beneath their close-flying presence. This prompted many to post online about what they saw.

What Were These Helicopters Doing?

A couple people thought that a war was suddenly starting to break out but fear not, it was only a training. They were CH53 Helicopters and they are known as the strongest and heaviest of helicopters. Being made to carry the heaviest of equipment!

According to the Brunswick Police Department, the United States Marine Corps has been hosting the CH-53 Helicopters. They went on to say that it is all for training purposes if you happen to see or hear them in your area.

Camp Lejeune via Facebook
Camp Lejeune via Facebook

This Has Happened Before

Camp Lejeune a base located in North Carolina also posted on their Facebook back in 2019 about a similar training when they had the same type of helicopters flying around. The CH-53E helicopters are called Super Stallions, so cool, and they performed tactical landings in the mountains at Brunswick back then.

Take A Closer Look At The Super Stallion Helicopter

These trainings are vital to our military because they help the squadron in conducting harsh missions in challenging environments and that will improve their "combat readiness." Trainings are so important for our armed forces to stay vigilant and proficient in their tasks.

YouTube has an interesting video posted by US Military News and it shows you exactly what these beasts can do as a "true icon of aviation."

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