You are at that point in your life where you are getting ready to take on the world, whether it is, going to college, or joining the work force. High school juniors and seniors are being hounded now with questions like: where are you going to college, what are you going to study, are you ready to graduate? Etc. But i'm here to give you some advice as someone who was in your shoes not that long ago.

1. Do not freak out about college: Yes it is important, and yes it has a big say in what happens in the rest of your life, but you do not need to put a ridiculous amount of pressure on yourself to do well in college. If you are a straight A student in high school, awesome, understand you might get a B in college, heck, even a C, understand it is okay. It is not the end of the world if you are not on the Deans list every semester, work hard, and just do your best.

2. It is okay to not have a plan: Going into college there are a lot of expectations as far as what path you want to take. 93% of college students change their major, and 70% of them change it more than once. Quite often people get degrees in one field but end up in a job for another field entirely.

3. Not going to college is okay: Now i'm not saying mooch off your parents for the rest of your life. I'm saying get a job, join the working world. Don't go to college if your heart is not in it, because that is honestly just wasting your time. Get a job, find something your passionate about and if you need to go to college to accomplish that goal, go for it. College is not going anywhere.

4. Do not go to college to party like the movies: If the only reason you want to go to college is because of the way college is portrayed in the movies, i'm gonna recommend you don't go at all. While partying may be a fun way to wind down and celebrate finals being over, or being successful at a test, do not waste your parents money or your financial aid just so you can get a degree in beer pong. I am not saying don't have fun, have fun, enjoy your college experience, just prioritize it.

5. Expect rejection: You will be rejected, you will be fired, even if you nail every part of the interview, even if you're a great employee, you will be rejected and you need to be okay with it. I have applied to over 300 radio stations in my life, I've gotten return emails from maybe 15, I've interviewed with maybe 7, and I've worked at 3.

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