Yesterday, we went shopping at Walmart in Waterville to get just a few things. This was around 4:45. The parking lot was light in cars so we thought we would have a quick trip in and out.

That was not the case.

Unfortunately, a trip that would have taken a half hour took an hour and and 45 minutes! BUT...there is something wonderful that happened while in line. Something that made the trip all worth while.

I try to instill into Anderson that it is always good to be polite and help others. When we were getting to the line he shouted 'Mama, STOP!" So I stopped the cart. Everyone was looking. He reached down in front of the cart and picked up the little inserts that fall out of the magazines that you pick up to read when you are waiting in line. He put them on the shelf and said "There! Now no one can slip and fall!" I told him that was very nice of him.

We were finally next in line and the woman in front of me was searching through her purse for money when her cell phone dropped out. I said to Anderson to please pick up the phone and give it to the nice lady. Her turned around, saw and picked it up. He said "Excuse me but you dropped your phone. You might need this!" The lady had no idea it had fallen to the floor. She took the phone from Anderson and said "Thank you so much! You're right, I do need this!" He smiled so big and said "Mama, I helped her!" After the lady had finished paying, she turned to Anderson and handed him a dollar. She told him "It's very nice to see a young man so helpful with nice manners." He asked if could have it and I said it was ok. I wish I had a camera for his expression and his exclamation of "THANK YOU!" The two lines together chuckled. I gave him a dollar of my own for being so good.

I was a proud mama. Being nice ALWAYS has its rewards. And because of his kindness it came back to me tenfold not 5 minutes later.

I paid for our groceries and we were on the way to the car. Anderson climbed into the backseat and I loaded the trunk with the bags. The lady who had stood behind me in line came up to me and said "Miss, you forgot 2 bags of groceries." I did? She said "My son is bringing them out to you." I can't believe I had forgotten them! When her son came out he was jogging to us. I said "Thank you so very much! Can I offer you a dollar, too?" He told me "Don't worry about it. I couldn't let something happen to such a nice family. And I needed the jog!" We all laughed.

There are days when you wonder if people still care for one another in the world. And then there are days like yesterday where a little boy brought a little happiness to strangers. Not just the lady in front of us but the ones standing in line that took notice of something nice being done for someone else...for no reason at all.