Morning Buzz Joke Of The Day – March 30, 2015
McCoy & Dyer want to add a little touch of humor to your day.  That’s why they have started the Morning Buzz Joke of the Day!  We would like to hear your jokes as well.  Submit your best joke to the Morning Buzz and McCoy & Dyer might use it for the &ld…
Every Tom Hanks Movie Reenacted By Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks is by far one of my favorite actors of all time.  This is a skit of Tom Hanks with the Late Late Show host, James Corden.  They perform a part from every one of Tom Hanks' movies in 7 minutes and it certainly gives you a good chuckle.
Krazy Jake & The Morning Buzz! Always A Good Time [VIDEO]
Gotta love it when we have Krazy Jake on the Morning Buzz!  Love him!  The man, himself, was in this morning to talk about his upcoming show.  Krazy Jake, along with 3 other Maine comedians will be at T&B's in Waterville this Saturday at 8pm.  The best part, tickets …
Krazy Jake Performing At T&B’s In Skowhegan
We had Krazy Jake in the studio during the Morning Buzz and he left me with tears running down my leg.  It's always a blast when he comes in.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.  If you're looking to have your funny bone tickled a bit, go see Krazy Jake tonight at T&am…
Saved By The Bell Reunites On Jimmy Fallon
Who hasn't watched every single episode of Saved By The Bell at least a hundred times??  GUILTY, I have.  I have to admit, I love watching this reunion on Jimmy Fallon.  It brings back lots of memories, and now I'm almost certain, I will be checking Netflix to see if they ha…
How Hot Was It? It Was So Hot….[VIDEO]
Technology can be a great thing, but the most inconvenient's not so reliable.  Meteorologist Cory McCloskey found himself in a bit of a pickle during a Live weather forecast.
Maine Comedian Tim Sample Supporting Maine Robotics
What an honor it was to have Maine Humorist, Tim Sample, on the Morning Buzz today.  I have grown up listening to him and finally got the opportunity to meet him.  Tim will be helping out with a fundraiser for Maine Robotics on Saturday.

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