4.4 Million Year Old Horse Discovered in Ethiopia
Scientists have found the fossil of a 4.4 million year old horse in the fossil fields of Ethiopia. They discovered the first pieces of an extinct species of horse which they say was about the size of a small zebra. Ethiopia today, is dry, but 4.4 million years ago it would have been covered in grass…
NASA Will Send Your Name Into Space
NASA is giving us a chance to send our name and personal message into space aboard the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft. It is expected to launch in November and will study the upper atmosphere of Mars. It will also carry a DVD of every name submitted.
The Dark Side of the Moon is Really Turquoise not Black
According to astronomers, the dark side of the moon is not dark or black as originally thought. They say it’s really turquoise. The astronomers did studies for two years of measurements at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa observatory and used telescopes made to use two color filter…
Dogs Prefer a North-South Axis to do Their Business
You see it all the time with your dog; they turn in circles before they decide on a spot that’s just right for them to go number two. It turns out they are doing it for a reason. According to a study done by Czech University of Life Sciences, dogs are sensitive to small variations in…
Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat to Light Up Your Night
Inventors are always thinking of ways to light up our lives and the inventor of the Glow in the Dark toilet seat has done just that. Dave Reynolds, a concert promoter who has been with some of the biggest bands in the world and spent two years on tour with Justin Bieber, invented the glow in the dar…
Dolphin May be Getting High on Puffer Fish
Recently filmmakers were filming dolphins for a documentary called ‘Dolphins: Spy in the Pod', and discovered after dolphins eat puffer fish, they seem to get high. They enter a trance-like state. It was all caught on cameras that were to made look like animals to provoke the dolphin&Clos…
Mega Solar Flare has a 1 in 8 Chance of Hitting Earth by 2020
According to space physicist Pete Riley, a senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, the Earth has a 12% chance of being hit by a megaflare from the sun in the next 10 years. If something like that would happen in could cause trillions of dollars in damage and take a decade to recover.
The Coldest it’s Ever Been on Earth Recorded in Antarctica
A new world record for a cold temperature has been recorded in east Antarctica at -135.8 degrees. Newly analyzed satellite data show the temperature was reached in August of 2010. This year in July it almost reached that same temperature when the reading dipped to -135.3 degrees.
NASA Testing Lasers to Replace Radio Communications in Space
NASA has had a space probe called the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer circling the moon getting ready to receive the first laser data transmission in space. The LADEE probe successfully received a ‘world wide web’ type of transmission between Earth and the moon p…

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