They say life imitates art and that is the case with a new book called "Love In Maine". It all started as a storyline on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital and it will now be released as a book on March 12. As often is the case, it's kind of a convoluted story, on how the book was created.The character of Molly Lansing-Davis was writing a novel about a young woman named Kristina in Maine who finds love with a man named Hank. The book is titled Love In Maine. The book seemed to be inspired by one of her older sisters Kristina.

Molly shows the manuscript to Starr, her cousin Michael's girlfriend. Starr loves the book and her father Todd Manning owns a publishing house. Starr encourages Molly to take the book to Todd to get it published. Here's what is gets a little messy.

Todd shared his office with Connie Falconeri. Connie gets her hands on the Love In Maine manuscript and decides to steal it and change it from a light, teenager in love story and make it much more steamy.

But Love In Maine is not just a plot point on a soap, it's also a real life book that you can purchase and read for yourself! Love In Maine is an upcoming book to be published by Hyperion Books on March 12. The book will be published with the author listed as Connie Falconeri, the character who stole the book on General Hospital!

In fact, you can read the a preview of Love In Maine online.