Did you know it's an art form? Not me.

I never made s'mores as a kid. We never had extra money for things like that. So, when I met Chad he taught me about many things.

Including how to make the PERFECT S'more!

There is a section in Men's Health Magazine 'The Best Life' and it teaches men how to do everything PERFECTLY. Chad reminds me of this section. He is always showing me ways to make things better.

But can you really improve on making a s'more?

You can!

You see, I've never been around a campfire until well into my 30s. Chad, however, has been around them since he was small. He learned the EXPERT way to toast a marshmallow.

You put the marshmallow on the stick and you make sure your stick is sticking UP towards the fire, not down. If you point it DOWN, it will fall off when it gets gooey.

Then, you need to put it near the COALS not the fire. The coals will cook it more evenly. When it just starts to smoke (not when it's on FIRE!), take it away and you will see it's a golden brown. Turn the stick and do the other side of the marshmallow.

See? It's not as simple as it looks!

Of course, use your standard graham crackers and a Hershey chocolate bar for the BEST taste!