Egg Prices Going Up
You might have noticed signs at your local supermarket explaining why egg prices are higher. In fact, egg prices at some supermarkets have tripled in the past few weeks. Why are the prices going up so much?
The Ten Most Expensive Baseball Ballparks to See a Game
I am a big baseball fan. In fact, most of the time my summer vacation revolves around taking in a baseball game. I've bee lucky enough to see games at Fenway Park, the old Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards and Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia. Baseball season is just over a week from starting and a…
A Holy Cow Moment at the Gas Pump
Here's a sign of the times, a good sign. I had to use the station van for a gig in Waterville and when I got in it, it was out of gas. I mean bone dry, light on, below empty out.