Sharon Buck

Sharon Buck and Thompson Square Interact on Twitter!
All of you know that Chad and I LOVE Thompson Square! The song 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' is OUR song. We've sung it together at home, at gigs and, heck, he proposed to me with the song! Even bought me the book for my birthday!
They are a fantastic duo. You should have seen us watching the CMA Aw…
Cutest Porcupine EVER: Meet Teddy Bear!
I was on the couch reading Anderson the last few chapters of "The Tale of Despereaux" when Chad started laughing at the other end. I paused and he showed his phone to us.
And what we saw was the most adorable porcupine! He was eating a small pumpkin and making the cutest noises...
B98.5 Studio Runs Out of Heat!
It's a cold day in the studio when you walk in to find out you've most likely run out of propane and it's 64 degrees at work.
Now, mind you, I Ieft my warm and comfy heated mattress AND my heated seats in my Volkswagen to come to work and sit in 64 DEGREES...
Sesame Street Parodies ‘Hunger Games’–Too Cute!
I'm 39 years old and I still love to watch Sesame Street every once in a while. Who can resist those furry monsters?
'The Hunger Games' is very popular right now with the new movie hitting theaters soon. Sesame Street is always on top of things and keeps things current even though they…
Kickboxing NO Contest
You have know we ALL saw this coming, right? That's what you get for trying to fight a US MARINE!
It's pretty sad when you figure out the ending before the first 10 seconds is up.
Did YOU guess what was going to happen?

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