Do you ever feel like each generation has their own language, a language only they know? Because it does for me and the kids in my family. I swear they just make up words and then next thing you know they have a full-on language.

If you are struggling with understanding the new lingo, struggle no longer because I took the time and put together a list of 10 slang words youth use that parents don't understand and what they actually mean according to Urban Dictionary.

10 Slang Words Youth Use That Parents Don't Understand

  1. Finna - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Fixing or planning on doing something.
  2. Sick - The Urban Dictionary Definition - When something is really good, cool, or very impressive.
  3. Mannn - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Used when you find something funny, stupid, dumb, or coincidental. Can be used in pretty much any scenario.
  4. CAP - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Basically another word for lying. It can be used like no cap or you can say stop capping.
  5. Yeet - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Yeet means throwing something very very hard very very fast.
  6. Sus - The Urban Dictionary Definition - A shorter version of the word "suspect". Usually used to define someone or something that looks suspicious or untrustworthy.
  7. Woke - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Although an incorrect tense of awake, a reference to how people should be aware of current affairs.
  8. Flexin - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Flexin is when you show off the stuff you got.
  9. Bussin Bussin - The Urban Dictionary definition - When something is really good. It usually refers to food.
  10. Drippy - The Urban Dictionary Definition - Pertaining to something cool or awesome. Having an abundance of swag


10 Slang Words Youth Use That Parents Don't Understand

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