10,000 year clock

It will be the slowest computer in the world when it’s completed, but it will be able to keep accurate time for 10,000 years, that is why it’s called the 10,000-year clock. The official name is the Clock of the Long Now, and is the brainchild of Danny Hillis, who wanted a clock that would use the sun to keep time and have a century hand that will advance once every 100 years.

The 10,000-year clock is under construction in West Texas almost 2,000 feet above the valley floor. Construction is tough since the location is so isolated, but it is progressing, although the completion of the clock is many years away. It’s being funded by The Long Now Foundation, which was established for long term thinking and the funding for such.

The clock will only go into action once a year, it will be activated at a pre-determined time, at solar noon, and as the sun passes through a series of light chambers, the clock sets at exact solar time. After  the clock sets, a chime will ring, each chime, for 10,000 years, will be different.

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