If you're a human being, which I hope you are because you're reading this, then there is a good chance at one point or another in your life, you've had at least one illogical fear or weird phobia. If you're an anxious person then it's likely that you have more than one.

We threw the question out to our listeners to see what their biggest illogical fear or weirdest phobia is and well here's what they had to say...

13 Weird Phobias & Illogical Fears That Our Listeners Have

  1. "When people check the sharpness of a knife by brushing their finger back and forth, it sends my crazy into hyperdrive. Can’t stand it." - Karen Hayden Cain
  2. "I suffer slightly from ornithophobia (fear of birds). I tense up when I get close to crows and seagulls." - Jeff Fairfield
  3. "Driving over bridges or near water. I’m always terrified we’ll crash into the water and I’ll have to figure out how to get my kids out while the car is sinking to the bottom." -Nikki Goodhart
  4. "I don’t let the microwave reach 0." - Darcy A
  5. "Paper cuts." - Nicole Pare
  6. "I have emetophobia. (Fear or vomit)." - Amanda Ward
  7. "Sharks. But that's a 100% rational fear." - Quinn Alexander
  8. "I'm afraid of hippies. Don't ask questions." - Cathryn Fyfe
  9. "Latex balloons because of the popping sound." - Amy Morin
  10. "I fear the unpredictable and I hate feet." - Alysha Soule
  11. "I've always been afraid of walking over sewer/water grates. I feel like they're going to collapse and I'm going to fall in." - Lauren Nicole
  12. "I have a weird phobia of touching things I cannot see." - Amanda Mims
  13. "I won't swim in the water if my feet can't touch the bottom." - Bethany Burgess

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