For whatever reason, I was wondering what the odds were that I've met a murderer in my life and had no idea. Maybe I was watching too many true crime shows on TV. Having run out of those shows to watch I decided to put the question out there to Twitter. Some of the stories were scary, to say the least, so proceed with caution.

14. The Guy on the Bus


12. Grandma Knew Better

11. Potential Evil Step-Mother

10. Toby the Hitchhiker

9. America's Most Wanted Elementary School Teacher

8. The College Friend

7. The Creepy Co-Worker

6. The Guy Who Disliked the Chicken

5. The One Straight Out of a Made for TV Movie

4. The High School Friend

3. The Girl Next Door

2. Jeffrey Dahmer, The "Very Nice" Cannibal

1. The Rock and Roll Cannibal

So, what are the odds YOU'VE encountered a murderer and not even known it? According to, the average American meets 717,225 people in a lifetime and odds are 10.76 of them are murderers amongst us.

And, if it makes you feel any better, your odds of encountering a serial killer are even less at about .01% of murders according to and their story on How to Avoid Being Murdered by a Serial Killer.