Each year about this time, the dedication to losing 50 pounds starts to fall by the wayside a little bit. You may even notice a rumbly in your tumbly. And that can only mean one thing…it’s time for Girl Scout Cookies.

This year like last year because of the pandemic, Girl Scouts are coming up with different ways to get you the cookies you crave safely. Yes, there is online ordering, yes, there will some cookie booths, and on the Girl Scouts of Maine website you can even connect with your local troop to make arrangements to get your cookie craving filled. The official kick off for 2022 in Maine is February 1st, so get ready.

The cool thing is it is a win-win for both us, the buyers, and the scouts who are selling the cookies because according to the Girl Scouts of Maine website, when girls participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they also develop important life skills, like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and some basic fundamentals of running a small business.

That’s why if it's at all possible, get your cookies from your local Girl Scout Troop. Each Girl Scout has a direct sale link they can send out via email so you can order online. You can enjoy your favorite cookies even more knowing you helped the scout do all the amazing things they have planned for this year while also learning a ton along the way.

So now the only issue is coming up with what cookies you want. There is a new cookie for 2022 as well, introducing the Adventurefuls, a delish brownie inspired cookie topped with caramel flavored creme ….yum.! Personally I'm going to stick with the Caramel deLites...mmmmm, well, maybe a few Toffee Tastics this year, and oh the Girl Scout S'mores would be nice too.

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